The EMPStorm™ will be a unique 3-stage, UL- and c/UL-listed, MIL-STD-461G tested, Type 2 Surge Protection Device designed to protect not only against common threats like a nearby lightning strike, but also against the conducted effects of an electromagnetic pulse or solar storm.

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Designing a surge protection device that protects against an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or solar coronal mass ejection (CME) is a remarkably difficult problem to solve for two reasons. First, the long-duration impulse of energy that is associated with the E3 component of an EMP, or the geomagnetic effects of a CME, cannot be easily shunted away because of the tremendous energy behind them. Furthermore, most SPDs are not fast enough to address the conducted element of E1 that would come in on the power lines. It’s important to note that even if they were fast enough, the E1 pulse would still couple into home electronics as an electromagnetic wave, so additional protection, such as a Faraday cage might still be needed for sensitive electronics.

One difficulty in developing a product that can protect against the conductive effects of an EMP is that it can’t contain sensitive semiconductor electronics that might be damaged by the event itself. While it’s certainly possible, in my opinion, the major players in the SPD industry haven’t seen a large enough market to spend the nonrecoverable engineering costs required to develop such a device.

Protected devices could include computers, televisions, stereos, home security systems, appliances, electric cars, generators, solar generation systems, etc. The EMPStorm™ has the potential to save users thousands of dollars in damage, as well as help to ensure that their critical electronics are operational during times of national crisis.