Anti-tracking EMF-Blocking Pouch

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Pouches prevent unauthorized electronic contact tracing and tracking. They also block >99.99% of the EMF from cell phones. Larger pouches now available. They fit all phones, even those with large cases (e.g., Otterbox cases).
Also protects phone against an EMP.

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How to Use
Simply place your cell phone into the EMF-blocking Pouch, and it will reduce electromagnetic fields emitted from your phone by >99.99%. This is a great way to reduce your EMF exposure from your phone as well as prevent cell phone providers from tracking your location. For those worried about electronic contact tracing, this product will also prevent your phone from being tracked without your approval.

The pouch will also protect your phone from damage against an electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

As you can see from the video, I have personally tested the EMF-Blocking Pouch and found it to work exceptionally well.

Please be aware that when the phone is in the EMF-blocking bag, it will not receive calls or texts.

This new larger pouch will fit all phones, even those with large Otterbox cases, such as the Otterbox Commuter and Defender Pro.

For frequently asked questions, click the FAQ tab.

1. How well does the EMF-Blocking Pouch reduce EMF from cell phones? 
In my laboratory tests, the pouch reduces fields by >99.99%.

2. Will a phone receive signals when inside the pouch?
No. The pouch prevents the receipt of telephone calls or texts.

3. What phones will the EMF-Blocking Pouch fit? 
The first-generation pouch’s dimensions measured 20.5 cm x 10.5 cm when open, which is large enough to fit any phone that we know of. However, some phone covers may be too large. The second-generation pouch’s dimensions will measure 23 cm x 12 cm when open, which should accommodate larger phone cases.

4. Can I buy the EMF-Blocking Pouch elsewhere?
We’re not aware of anyone else selling this same pouch. We’ve had these custom manufactured for our customers.

5. Will the pouch protect a phone against an EMP?
Yes, it provides more than enough shielding to protect against an EMP.