EMF-Blocking Pouch

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This custom EMF-Blocking Pouch blocks >99.99% of the EMF from cell phones (or other sources). FREE SHIPPING


How to Use
Simply place your cell phone into the EMF-blocking Pouch, and it will reduce electromagnetic fields emitted from your phone by >99.99%. This is a great way to reduce your EMF exposure from your phone as well as prevent cell phone providers from tracking your location.

As you can see from the video, I have personally tested the EMF-Blocking Pouch and found it to work exceptionally well. These pouches were not available in small quantities, so I had a custom order of 500 made. They are now in stock and ready to ship.

Please be aware that when the phone is in the EMF-blocking bag, it will not receive calls or texts.

FREE Shipping on the EMF-Blocking Pouch.

For frequently asked questions, click the FAQ tab.

1. How well does the EMF-Blocking Pouch reduce EMF from cell phones? 
In my laboratory tests, the pouch reduces fields by >99.99%.

2. Will a phone receive signals when inside the pouch?
No. The pouch prevents the receipt of telephone calls or texts.

3. What phones will the EMF-Blocking Pouch fit? 
The pouch’s dimensions measure 10 cm x 18 cm, which is large enough to fit any phone that we know of. Some phone covers may be too large, however.

4. Can I buy the EMF-Blocking Pouch elsewhere?
We’re not aware of anyone else selling this same pouch. We’ve had these custom manufactured for our customers.