EMP Tractor/Recreational Vehicle Protection Kit

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Tractors are an invaluable tool for farming and homesteading. Like cars and trucks, they are also at risk of being impacted by an EMP. Modern tractors have far more electronics than the tractors of the past. Because of this, it is just as important to protect your tractor as it is to protect your other vehicles.

Recreational vehicles are useful for much more than just recreation. They provide convenient ways to cover large amounts of land, water, or to use as a bug out vehicle in case of emergency.

Installing this kit will equip your vehicle to suppress the high transient voltage that would otherwise ruin it in an EMP.


Our EMP Tractor/Recreational Vehicle Protection Kit provides the pieces necessary to provide the following systems:

    • Tractors
    • Boats
    • ATVs
    • Motorcycles
    • Gators
    • Golf Carts
    • Similar Vehicles/Battery Systems

An EMP can overload these vehicles similar to how it overloads your car. Our EMP Tractor/Recreational Vehicle Protection Kit is built to provide the transient reduction necessary to keep your vehicles in working condition, even after an EMP strike.

The T.R.A.P.™-B is a 5,000-watt transient voltage suppression device in a form factor that can be easily connected across a tractor’s battery terminals. The T.R.A.P.-B contains a <1 picosecond turn-on time

High-saturation ferrites are installed on the battery wires to reduce high-frequency current transients. They are installed easily by clipping them around the battery cables. Install one on the main positive lead, as well as one on the main negative lead.

These multi-purpose kit pieces are also used on other vehicles like cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and RVs.

How do these devices protect your tractor or recreational vehicle from an EMP?
The danger from an EMP is the high voltage that is introduced on the cables from E1 and E2. Those transient voltages are extremely brief in time (from nanoseconds to microseconds) and can therefore be suppressed using small devices. This is distinctly different than the case with homes, which would also experience a powerful E1 current surge from the power grid.

The T.R.A.P.™ can provide transient protection even with the ignition switch turned off because interconnected cable assemblies can still receive damaging energy. The T.R.A.P.™ continues to act as a high-frequency energy sink even when the vehicle is unpowered. T.R.A.P.™ products draw essentially zero current except when there is a significant overvoltage, so they will not drain your battery.

For an installation example, see the following videos applied to a regular car, which transfers similarly to a tractor or recreational vehicle’s battery:

The T.R.A.P.™ and T.R.A.P.™-B devices are hand assembled in the US and constructed from the highest quality materials (see below).

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