Solar Power Bundle

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This Ferrite Bundle includes SIX large 1″ Inner Diameter Broadband Ferrites, TWO 0.72″ Inner Diameter High-Saturation Ferrites, and ONE T.R.A.P.-AC. If you want different quantities, you can buy them individually at Broadband EMP FerritesWhole-House Ferrites , or T.R.A.P.-AC.

6 × Broadband EMP Ferrites – 1” Inner Diameter Ferrite

2 × EMP Whole-House Ferrites

1 x T.R.A.P.-AC


Broadband, high-saturation ferrites, and T.R.A.P.-AC’s offer distinct methods of protection against electromagnetic pulses (EMP) for solar power systems, and when used together, they provide comprehensive defense:

Broadband Ferrites – Various-sized broadband ferrites are sold on this website. If you’re uncertain of which size you need, we recommend buying ferrites with a 1″ inner diameter to ensure that they will clamp around the PV wire bundle. They do not need to fit snugly to the wires to be effective. To purchase Broadband Ferrites individually, go to Broadband Ferrites or purchase as a Bundle.

    • Wide Frequency Range: Broadband ferrites are designed to attenuate a broad range of electromagnetic interference across various frequencies. They provide effective suppression of both low and high-frequency signals associated with different types of EMP events.
    • Absorption and Dissipation: When exposed to electromagnetic fields, broadband ferrites absorb the energy and convert it into heat. This dissipation process prevents the energy from reaching and damaging sensitive components within the solar generator system.
    • Versatile Protection: Broadband ferrites offer versatile protection against a wide spectrum of electromagnetic interference, making them suitable for safeguarding solar power systems against different EMP scenarios.

High Saturation Ferrites – We sell a custom-modified ferrite that has a much higher saturation current level, making it ideal to use on high-current applications. In the case of High-Saturation Ferrites, a ferrite is placed around each wire, rather than the wire bundle. To purchase individually, go to Whole-House Ferrites.

      • Increased Magnetic Flux Density: High saturation ferrites are characterized by their ability to withstand higher levels of magnetic flux density without saturating. This property enables them to handle intense electromagnetic fields associated with powerful EMP events.
      • Sustained Performance: Unlike conventional ferrites, high saturation ferrites maintain their effectiveness even when exposed to extreme magnetic fields, ensuring continued protection for critical components within the solar power system.
      • Focused Defense: High saturation ferrites provide targeted protection against specific frequency bands or high-intensity magnetic fields commonly associated with certain types of EMP threats.

Working Together:

      • Comprehensive Coverage: By combining broadband and high saturation ferrites, solar power systems benefit from comprehensive protection against a wide range of electromagnetic interference. Broadband ferrites address a broad spectrum of frequencies, while high saturation ferrites offer robust defense against intense magnetic fields.
      • Layered Defense Strategy: Implementing both types of ferrites in the design of solar power systems creates a layered defense strategy. Broadband ferrites serve as the first line of defense, attenuating a wide range of electromagnetic interference. High saturation ferrites act as a secondary defense layer, providing enhanced protection against particularly strong EMP events.
      • Synergistic Protection: The combined use of broadband and high saturation ferrites leverages their respective strengths to create synergistic protection against EMP threats. Together, they enhance the resilience and reliability of solar generator systems, ensuring continued operation in the event of electromagnetic disturbances.

The T.R.A.P.-AC™ is a high-voltage 5,000-watt transient voltage suppression device in a form factor that plugs into the three-prong AC receptacle of an inverter or portable generator. The T.R.A.P.™ is designed to guard against very fast transients from any source. This includes radiated energy from a nearby lightning strike or an overhead electromagnetic pulse (EMP). The T.R.A.P.-AC™ can also be plugged into any 12-volt AC receptacle to provide transient protection.

Check out the following video on how these products are used together to protect solar power generation systems.

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