UV Light Decontamination Hooks (12-pack)

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This set of hooks can be used to position disposable respirators closer to the UV lamp in the Coral UV Sanitizer (use link and coupon code below). They simply adhere to the walls of the chamber, no drilling or modifications necessary. You will receive 12 small hooks (same size I use in the video below). This will give you plenty of spares.


I recently looked into a number of ways to sterilize/decontaminate personal protective equipment, including N95 disposable respirators. I found the Coral UV Sanitizer to be a great option for decontaminating small items. While it has NOT been officially certified to sanitize N95 or P100 disposable respirators, I personally believe that it would do a very good job.

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To ensure the most light intensity shines on the masks, I recommend elevating them so that they sit about 1″ below the UV lights. That way you get very intense UV light on the surface of the masks. The best way I found to do this is to use 5 or 6 flat metal hooks to suspend the Coral basket to act as a shelf. Installing the adhesive hooks is quick and easy to do.

Please watch the video below for installation instructions.

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1. Are you a medical professional professional?

No. I am a concerned citizen who is just sharing my thoughts and ideas. Please do not treat my advice as professional advice, medical or otherwise.

2. Where can I find N-95 (or other) respirators?

Unfortunately, respirators are in very short supply due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. It is unclear when additional inventory will be available, but when it does, I will offer it.

3. Can I re-use disposable N-95 respirators?

The guidance for this is a little unclear. Medical agencies have advised that when shortages exist, N-95 respirators can be re-used if they’re not soiled. The problem is that there is no way to tell if the respirator has been contaminated with a viral or bacterial agent. For that reason, I recommend decontaminating disposable respirators between each use.

4. How can I decontaminate disposable N-95 respirators?

There is no approved method of decontaminating N-95 respirators. With that said, UV-C light has been shown to destroy a variety of pathogens, including flu viruses and coronaviruses. Based on literature that I reviewed, I believe that UV-C light applied to a 1 J/cm^2 energy level would be an effective method of decontaminating disposable respirators. This is my opinion and not a government-approved recommendation. Please see my video “Decontaminating N-95 respirators” for more information.

5. How can I decontaminate half-face or full-face respirators?

I recommended fully submerging the respirator in a bleach solution (1 part bleach to 49 parts water). After two minutes, remove, rinse with clean water, and allow to dry. My recommendation is based on a number of published studies, but should not be taken as government-approved guidance. Also, care must be taken when removing the respirator since it may be contaminated — wash hands carefully after removing.