Faraday Dry Duffel Bag

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Carry, store, and protect your important gear and electronic devices with this heavy-duty duffel bag from Faraday Defense. The duffel bag has 2 separate faraday compartments that offer 85 dB of attenuation for EMP, GPS, and signal defense. With the ability to protect large amounts of gear, as well as larger pieces of gear, this duffel is perfect for travel, storage, and daily use. Built with three layers of metal-plated CYBER fabric (Nickel-Copper) lining and high-quality blocking material. The 55L Dry Duffel Bag measures 25” L x 10” W x 14” H when closed.

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The Faraday Dry Duffel Bag is durable and built for performance. It is extremely effective, with three layers of CYBER NC (Nickel/Copper) lining the interior, providing EMP protection, RF/EMF shielding, and location privacy. Additionally, this bag will keep your gear dry with its tarpaulin exterior and tight closure. Its comfortable and stylish design make it suitable any occasion.

BLOCK SIGNAL: Blocks Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cell Signals (incl. 5G networks), GPS for anti-tracking, and RFID.

ENTERPRISE GRADE: Designed for military, police departments, forensic investigators, government and executive travel, personal data security, signal isolation, EMF reduction, and EMP protection.

CYBER BLOCKING: Triple layers of specialized, metal-plated fabric containing nickel and copper shielding elements. Dissipates signals from both exterior and interior sources. Effectively blocks communication of signals to and from your device with >85 dB attenuation (400Mhz-40Ghz). Secure double roll and clip closure.

Additional features include:

  • Roll & clip closure system
  • Triple layers of CYBER fabric
  • High-quality exterior construction and durability
  • Non-window design

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