Heavy Duty EMP Bags

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The NX Faraday bag by Faraday Defense is one of the highest rated bags on the market for EMP protection. They are taking shielding to the next level with a layer of their nickel copper CYBER fabric, ensuring that any device is protected. This bag provides approximately 72 dB of shielding across all relevant EMP frequencies (100kHz to 1 GHz).


Recently we were able to test a new version of an EMP Faraday bag. The Faraday NX bag built by Faraday Defense is a one of a kind. It has a single layer of nickel copper material which tested at 72dB, more than capable of defending against an EMP. These bags are really cool as they have a double fold Velcro closure to ensure the bag is well sealed.  The bag is designed to be opened and shut on a daily basis which makes it convenient for securing electronics at night vs. the Dri-Shield or Nest-Z bags which are more designed for storage. These EMP bags are heavy-duty and well built.

If you’d like to see more about how I conducted the tests, check out my videos on YouTube. One of them in which I discuss EMP bags is given below: