HAM Radio Protection

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These surge arrestors are placed between the antenna and the radio and must be well grounded. Instructions come with the units, but for additional information, please go to Polyphaser’s website.

We have a very limited supply, and once they’re gone we will no longer be able to offer these.

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How do you protect HAM radios from an EMP or solar CME?
There are a number of important steps to protect a HAM radio system from an EMP or solar CME.

Step 1: Unplug radio and disconnect it from the antenna when not in use.

Step 2: Cover the radio system with conductive cloth when not in use. EMP Cloth Link

Step 3: Plug the radio system into a surge protection strip. (e.g., Tripp Lite Isobar)

Step 4: Put a broadband ferrite (or two) around the power cord, close to the radio. Broadband EMP Ferrites Link

Step 5: Install an antenna switch and a 50-ohm dummy load in the antenna path (e.g., Daiwa CS-201A). Size the dummy resistor to your radio’s output power.

Step 6: Install a very high speed arrestor, with low VSWR and throughput energy, and can be well grounded.

Please watch the video below for the details on protecting HAM radios:

Where do I get the recommended protection supplies?

– Conductive cloth can be found at EMP Cloth Link.
– Broadband ferrites can be found at Broadband EMP Ferrites Link.
– Antenna switches are available on Amazon or at HAM supply stores.
– Antenna EMP surge arrestor can be ordered on this page. (Note that you likely need an N-type male to UHF adapter. Two UHF-to-N type adapters are $10 at — Another kit people like is

The antenna EMP surge arrestor is made by Polyphaser (IS-NEMP-C0) and designed for this specific application. I did a large bulk buy to help pass along savings to my customers.

Specs of IS-NEMP-C0
Impedance: 50 Ohms
VSWR: < 1.1:1
Insertion Loss: < 0.1 dB
Connectors In/Out: N-type Female
Minimum Frequency: 1.5 MHz
Maximum Frequency: 700 MHz
Maximum Input Power: 500 Watts 1.5-50 MHz, 220 Watts 50-220 MHz, 100 Watts 220 MHz-700 MHz
Throughput Energy: 75 uJ
Turn-on Voltage: 350V +/- 20%
DC Blocking: Yes

Order now while we still have inventory at this special price. One word of warning… we found that at least one website was selling counterfeit units, so shop at somewhere you trust!