EMP Vehicle Protection

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Vehicles are protected using three products: T.R.A.P.s, T.R.A.P.-Bs, and High-saturation Car Ferrites

The T.R.A.P.™ Transient Reducing Auxiliary Plug is a multi-purpose transient protection device. Each plug contains a 5,000-watt transient voltage suppression device with < 1 picosecond turn on time! The T.R.A.P.™ is super easy to install – just plug into the 12-Volt auxiliary receptacle (aka cigarette lighter). The device is 3″ long, so please ensure there is room to insert the plug.

The T.R.A.P.™-B contains the same 5,000-watt transient voltage suppression device in a form factor that can be easily connected across a vehicle’s battery terminals.

High-saturation ferrites can also be installed on the battery wires to reduce high-frequency current transients.

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What is a T.R.A.P.™?
The Transient Reducing Auxiliary Plug (or T.R.A.P.) is a multi-purpose transient reducing device used to reduce electrical transients in cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, etc. It plugs directly into the vehicle’s 12-Volt auxiliary power outlet (aka the cigarette lighter).

What will a T.R.A.P.™ protect against?
The T.R.A.P.™ is designed to guard against very fast transients from any source. These could be a result of vehicle transients from load changes (such as your A/C kicking on and off), conducted transients from a charging port, or radiated energy from a nearby lightning strike or an overhead electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

Watch the video below to better understand the T.R.A.P.™

How can the T.R.A.P.™ be effective against an EMP when it’s so small?
The danger to vehicles from an EMP is the high voltage that is introduced on the cables from E1 and E2. Those transient voltages are extremely brief in time (from nanoseconds to microseconds) and can therefore be suppressed using small devices. This is distinctly different than the case with homes, which would also experience a powerful E1 current surge from the power grid.

The video below explains why the T.R.A.P. is effective even against the E1 of an EMP.

Can you use more than one T.R.A.P.™ in a vehicle?
Absolutely. Putting energy “traps” at multiple points in your vehicle helps to better shunt away the unwanted energy. Maximum protection is achieved by using a T.R.A.P.™ in every auxiliary power outlet, as well as using the T.R.A.P.™-B across the vehicle’s battery.

What if I’m already using my cigarette lighter for something else?
If you’re already using an auxiliary plug for something else, you can use a plug splitter to provide an additional receptacle. Here’s one on Amazon for under $20 (Amazon Link).

Can you attach a T.R.A.P.™ across the battery?
If connecting across the battery, you need to use the T.R.A.P.™-B. It contains the same protective device as the T.R.A.P.™ but in a weatherproof package with ring terminals for easy attachment.

Installation Video of T.R.A.P.™-B:

Does a T.R.A.P.™ protect a vehicle even when the vehicle is powered off?
The T.R.A.P.™ can provide transient protection even with the ignition switch turned off because interconnected cable assemblies can still receive damaging energy. The T.R.A.P.™ continues to act as a high-frequency energy sink even when the vehicle is unpowered.

Will a T.R.A.P.™ or T.R.A.P.™-B drain my battery?
T.R.A.P.™ products draw essentially zero current except when there is a significant overvoltage, so they won’t drain your battery.

How do I change out the ring terminals on the T.R.A.P.-B?
Below is a video showing the steps to swap the ring terminals on the T.R.A.P.-B. Please see the dropdown menu above for a larger ring terminal set.

How long will they last?
The T.R.A.P.™ and T.R.A.P.™-B devices are designed to withstand any normal vehicle transient as well as a nuclear-generated EMP without damage.

Are they good quality?
The T.R.A.P.™ and T.R.A.P.™-B devices are hand assembled in the US and constructed from the highest quality materials (see below).

T.R.A.P.™- The plug is made with bronze nickel plated negative contacts, gold plated center contact, and Bakelite body. It is rated for 25 Amps continuous, much more than is needed for voltage transients. The transient voltage suppression component is ultra high reliability (AEC Q101 qualified), has a turn-on time of < 1 picosecond, and can suppress up to 5,000 Watts!

T.R.A.P.™-B– The weatherproof module is IP68 rated with integrated rubber o-rings, automotive-grade wire, copper terminals, and marine-grade heatshrink. It contains the same AEC Q101 qualified transient suppression device as the T.R.A.P.™ but in a more convenient form factor for use across the battery.

What are high-saturation ferrites?
Ferrites are devices that clamp around power wires to reduce high-frequency current transients. Most ferrites will saturate and stop providing protection when more than a couple of amps flow through the wires. The custom-made high-saturation auto ferrites sold here are modified to allow significantly more current through the part before saturating. Watch the video below to better understand their function and installation.

Ferrites can withstand any normal vehicle transient as well as a nuclear-generated EMP without damage.

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T.R.A.P. (fits cigarette lighter), $70.00, T.R.A.P.-B (fits across battery), $70.00, Larger Ring Terminals + Heat Shrink for T.R.A.P.-B , $7, Hi-sat Car Ferrites 0.7" ID, $70.00, Kit (1 T.R.A.P., 1 T.R.A.P.-B, 2 Ferrites), $250

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