Survivor Symbols RFID-blocking Card

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The Survivor Symbols Card uses advanced technology to protect ALL of your credit cards against RFID theft. It is also printed with the entire set of official Survivor Symbols, allowing you and other survivors to share critical information during times of crisis.

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Back in the 1930’s, vagabonds traveling between communities developed something called “The Hobo Code.” It was a set of hieroglyphic symbols that could be quickly painted on the wall, written on a sheet of paper tacked to a telephone pole, or even scrawled in the dirt. Each symbol informed the next hobo of valuable information — such as “safe place to camp,” or “work for food.”

While The Hobo Code isn’t really suitable for emergency survival situations, it got me to thinking that a set of symbols that survivors could leave for one another would be quite useful. As such, I developed a set of “Survivor Symbols” that can be used to denote safe/dangerous areas, as well as inform other survivors of various threats or available resources.

The symbols consist of two parts, an inner one that identifies a resource or threat (such as water or criminals), and an outer one that tells whether it is nearby, available, needed, etc. By combining the two symbols, warnings, requests, and other informative messages can easily be created.

Check out the front and back of the card:

Front of Card:


Back of Card:

Cool and Protective!
What’s really cool is that these symbols are printed on a fantastic RFID-blocking card that will protect all your credit cards from RFID skimming.

I have personally tested the Survivor Card and found it to work exceptionally well. It’s easy to use, effective, durable, and cheaper than other high-performing cards! It is also the only card on the market that has what could be lifesaving symbols printed on both sides.

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Additional information

Weight 0.0 oz

How many cards can the Survivor Symbols Card protect?
It can protect an entire wallet stuffed full of cards (see the video on the main page).

Does it matter where I place it in my wallet?
No. The Survivor Symbols Card will protect your entire wallet regardless of where it is placed. Putting it in the middle of your wallet is ideal, but location doesn’t have a significant affect on performance.

Does the Survivor Symbols Card need a battery or other power source?
No. The Survivor Symbols Card is powered by the electromagnetic signal of the RFID devices trying to read your credit card.

How far away does an RFID-enabled credit or debit card need to be from Survivor Symbols Card before it works for a normal transaction?
Once you remove your credit card from your wallet, it should work just fine.

Does the Survivor Symbols Card interfere with cell phone signals?
No, it won’t affect your cell phone’s operation.

Is the Survivor Symbols Card unbreakable?
No. Like credit cards, it can be damaged with very rough use.

Can the Survivor Symbols Card be de-magnetized?
No, strong magnetic fields won’t cause damage.

How do I know if my Survivor Symbols Card is genuine?
Disasterpreparer LLC is the only company selling the Survivor Symbols Card. Buy direct from here, and you’ll be receiving a genuine product.

Will it set off store or airport security systems?
Because it operates at 13 MHz, it will not affect store or airport security systems.

Do I need 2 Survivor Symbols Cards in my wallet?
No, one card will protect an entire wallet.