Large Toroid Ferrites

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These toroid ferrites are placed around wire bundles that are too large for clip-on ferrites. To use these, feed de-energized wires through the toroid and re-attach to the equipment. Never try to feed electrically energized wires through a toroid ferrite.

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When to use toroid ferrites?
Toroid ferrites are great to use when you can feed the wire bundle through the ferrite. A good example is when trying to protect solar power generation system batteries. Simply disconnect the leads from the battery, feed through the toroid and reattach the leads to the battery.

When to use broadband ferrites?
Clip-on broadband ferrites are often used to protect small appliances and electronics (e.g., computers, TVs, etc.). They simply clip around the power cord. They can also be used on solar power generation wires and other applications where ease of application is desired. (Broadband Ferrite Link)

When to use high-saturation ferrites?
Clip-on high-saturation ferrites are used in four scenarios:

1. High current is flowing through the wires, and you can’t easily get to the ends of the wires to feed them through a toroid.
2. High current is flowing through the wires, and a clip-on broadband ferrite is not large enough to go around the wire bundle.
3. There is not enough space to fit a large toroid.
4. The application is such that a solid, non-hinging, ferrite is preferred.

High-saturation ferrites are available for the whole-house (Whole-house Ferrite Link) and automobiles (Automobile Ferrite Link).

How to install ferrites?

Broadband ferrites clip around wire bundles.
High-saturation ferrites clip around individual high-current wires.
Toroid ferrites are placed around wire bundles by feeding the wires through.


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