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This Kit contains 3 High Saturation Whole House Ferrites + FIRSTSURGE™ PRO 140 KA

3 x High Saturation Whole House Ferrites



How to Protect your Home from an EMP or Solar CME
Please watch the video below for a more complete understanding of how to protect your home from an EMP or CME.

As you can see from the video, I recommend a three-step approach to home protection.

Step 1: Install custom high-saturation ferrites over your incoming power wires. Normal ferrites will not work well due to current saturation. The ferrites sold here are each individually modified to increase their saturation levels, allowing them to suppress high-frequency energy under higher currents. Note: Most homes require three ferrites (for Line 1, Line 2, and a shared Neutral/Ground). Some homes may have four wires and therefore, would need four ferrites (Line 1, Line 2, Neutral, and Ground). Order now while in stock.

Typical installation shown below. Always consult manufacturer’s instructions, and have a professional electrician do the installation for safety. Please note that ferrites tend to make a humming or buzzing noise when high currents flow through them.

Step 2: Install a quality whole-house surge protection device. Recommended device: Siemens FirstSurge140 (FS140).
We now sell the Siemens FS140, available for PRE-ORDER on our website.  Installation should be done by a licensed electrician.

Step 3. Install smaller broadband ferrites around power cords of sensitive electronics. We sell a number of different sizes, as well as some bundles. Please see Individual Ferrites or Bundles.

What makes the High-Saturation EMP Ferrites Special?
The short answer is that normal ferrites will quickly saturate and become ineffective when placed on high-current lines. With my knowledge of electromagnetics, I was able to come up with a unique solution to the problem. See the video below for a detailed explanation.

I believe in this method so much that I put it on my own home. Watch the video below for tips on installation of the ferrites.

For frequently asked questions and more product specs, click the FAQ tab. If you can’t find the answer, please use the Contact Button to send me a note.

-Surge Protection Device: Single Phase, 120/240V AC
-Let’s you know you are protected via LED’s & audible alarm
-Surge current capacity sized for where you live
-FirstSurge protects any 120/240V branded load center
-FirstSurge Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) are Type 2 and UL / cUL 1449 listed, meeting designated protection requirements
-FirstSurge is constructed using commercial grade NEMA 4X enclosure allowing for indoor or outdoor installations
-FirstSurge Pro provides 140,000 Amp of surge current capacity per phase
-Compatible with any brand of load center and breakers
-Enclosure rated for type 4 outdoor, and can also be installed inside the load center
-10 year product and connected equipment warranty